Top Google Chrome extension 2017

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Top Google Chrome extension 2017

In this article , I will tell you about 5 essential google chrome extension you must know about .These 5 chrome extension will help you somewhere in your life and assist you in your success .These extensions may be top google chrome extension for managing your life and for smartest browsing. These will add a level of comfort , discipline , productivity and management to your present life .

But before telling you about all extensions , let me answer you all questions about chrome extensions :

1.What are google chrome extension ?

Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser.

2.How to see installed extension ?

To see installed extension in your chrome web browser, type chrome://extensions/ in the search bar .It will list the installed chrome extension .You can enable/disable as per your wish .

3.How to install new extension ?

  • Type chrome://extensions
  • Scroll down and click on Get more extensions

4.How to see installed Google chrome applications?

  • Type chrome://apps/



  1. Tabs Backup and Restore

Sometimes , it always happen with everyone of us that we specifically like to save a list of tabs as it is and then want to reopen them to continue our work or any other task .

Example – Suppose at Thursday evening – 6 pm , you are reading an article on health , researching on fitness , planning for goa trip ,selecting a t-shirt from an e-commerce store and doing other personal tasks . And suddenly your dad tells you to shut down pc and do some of his personal task .This may be one of the top google chrome extension for your life.

In that case , in a hurry you can just use Tabs Backup and Restore to backup all the chrome tabs and restore them later as it is .

top google chrome
How Tabs backup and restore looks


  1. Secure Bookmarks

Secure Bookmarks extensions offers you a facility to secure your personal web links and bookmarks in a password protected area.

You can password protect your secure bookmark account and then add your bookmarks which you mostly need to get secured .This may be one of the top google chrome extension for your life.

top google chrome
Secure Bookmarks User Panel


  1. Countdown

I found this Google chrome extension very easy to use and very helpful .It adds a timer in your chrome browser .It will make you more disciplined while working online .

top google chrome
Countdown Extension


Example – suppose you are working on specific project .You work with so much focus and dedication that you forget to take some rest in between and go around to stretch your body or have some water .This may be one of the top google chrome extension for your life.

You can use countdown to add a timer , suppose 50 minutes .After 50 minutes it will ring
your device reminding you that your timer has finished and you need to go out .

top google chrome
Real example of countdown extension


  1. Prioritab

Prioritab is the one of the awesome Chrome extension i have ever found .It’s a great task management and task reminder tool.This may be one of the top google chrome extension for your life.

top google chrome
Prioritab Extension working



1.When you add it in your browser , you can view all task everytime while you open a new tab
2.You can add daily , weekly and monthly task .
3.You can look after what percentage of day , month and year has passed till yet .
4.You can edit background , text formatting options as per you need.

  1. Evernote web clipper

            Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.
Sometimes , while accessing the internet you need a tool in which you can save everything
which you would to read or see later .This may be one of the top google chrome extension for your life.
Using this tool you can :

  • Clip any article , any text selection , any web page and any screenshot to a single evernote account .
  • You can save your all notes via pc and access it on any mobile device .It will help in your productivity and time management .
top google chrome
How evernote works ?



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