Three question you must ask yourself everyday


Three question you must ask yourself everyday

Our Life is most beautiful journey we all are having today .In this journey , we all go through ups and downs .We all go through pleasure and pain , suffering and joy , success and failure .This is the real truth of our human life.Going through ups and downs we all strive to find answers to improve our life , elevate the level of happiness and feel the real joy within us .
Let’s change the perspective through which you are dealing with your life , let’s change our glasses through which our situation is visible to us and for a while lets get deeply connected with every word written here .

In this article , I am going to share three questions you must ask yourself everyday to build an abundant life .Let’s move from asking question which creates stress , anxiety within us to asking questions which could create an abundant happy life .

1.What I should be grateful for today ?

You know sometimes we all crave to achieve things , ignoring the things some people are trying to achieve day and night .When we live in a home , we dream of big bunglow .When we have our own personal vehicles , we dream of private jets , luxary cars .We always dream and crave for something in future thinking that it would make us happy and then we lose our present moment .

Just ask yourself , what you should be more grateful for today ?

  • It may be your eyes ,through which you can observe every beauty in this whole world .
  • It may be your parents , Just imagine a life without them .Be thankful for them
  • It may be your spouse or your friends and relative .Just say them thanks for being there .
  • It may be the failures of your life , which taught you so many lessons.

Just ask yourself daily “what are you most grateful for today?”. You could then observe how much abundant life you are already living .


2.How can I strengthen relationships?

Imagine a life without your friends calling you , laughing with you .Imagine a life without your mentors guiding you .Imagine a life without parents and close relations .Just feel this situation .Let the feeling touch the depth of your heart .Life is sometime more about building great relationship , living with compassion , kindness and spreading our love to all .

Ask yourself everyday how can i strengthen my all relationships with others:

  • Call your friends , surprise them in an amazing way .
  • Write a letter to your loved one expressing your deepest feeling for them .
  • Hangout with people to make some memories.
  • Click a selfie with people you have not thought of having a picture.
  • Treat your parents with more care , politeness and love .
  • Forgive people to start a new journey with them

Ask yourself everyday how can i strengthen my all relationships with self:

  • Ask “What do I love doing”?
  • Ask “How do i enjoy spending time”?
  • Ask “What makes me more happy”?
  • Ask “How can I turn my weakness into strength”?
  • Ask “Why I am unique”?
  • Ask “What hidden talents do I have”?

Just ask yourself , how can you strengthen your own relationships with others and with your own self.

3.How can i improve myself today ?

This is the most interesting question you must ask yourself everyday .A day without learning something is a day not fully utlized .We can learn many things from people around us because they are unique in their way .They have unique talents and unique life experiences.

Ask yourself everyday how can improve myself today:

  • It may be through reading a great books which open your mind to new experiences , ideas and possiblities .
  • It may be through just observing your past and learninga lesson from it .
  • It may be throgh having a conversation with any person asking their life experiences and knowing about them.
  • It may be through polishing your own talent and craft , learning new interesting things .
  • It may be through just observing the preset moment and picking out an extraordinary learning out of it .

Just ask yourrself “how can i improve myself today” ?

Thanks for reading .Share it with those who need it .
Keep on sharing .Keep on smiling.

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