The power of choice


The power of choice

Life is matter of choices.And every choice you make makes you – John C. Maxwell

Every time you observe a successful and happy person , you would find that he had made some great choices in their life to achieve what they wanted to .

Steve Jobs made a choice to follow his heart and intuition and act upon it persistently no matter what instead of just following what other people said .Buddha made a choice to get enlightened and share the secrets of happy and fulfilling life instead of just living a normal ordinary life.Thomas Edison made a choice to invest something great which could contribute to people’s life.You always have the power of choice to achieve anything.Choice creates you but firstly you create your choices.
One thing they had in common – they made the choice to be great and successful.Choices affects everyone .They are the boundaries between you at one corner living a unfulfilled normal life and you at other corner living an extraordinary life .The second , the minute , the hour , the day you make a specific choice , your upcoming seconds , minutes , hours and days will depend on that specific choice .

  • Its your choice to live under the sheltar of gratitude or let anger destroy your shelter of happiness
  • Its your choice to live this particular moment or to let it swing in the breeze of past or future
  • Its your choice to plant a seed of excellence in your heart or to betray that you are not good enough
  • Its your choice to have faith in yourself or let the darkness of fear spoil your pristine faith
  • Its your choice to share what you have,with people who need it or to always pursue what you are really desired of.
  • Its your choice to take action or let your hands beg for what you want out of life.
  • Its your choice to touch the heavy clouds of character or let the people shatter your esteem
  • Its your choice to take your power back or give away your power to injurious hands
  • Its your choice to control your desires or let desires control you
  • Its your choice to be fearless or let fear detriment you
  • Its your choice to work to be like the world class or to only clap for the world class
  • Its your choice to use the power of choice or let the choices use you



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