Three seeds of success


              Three seeds of success

‘’All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve Is the direct result of his own thoughts’’-JAMES ALLEN

Take a look at two trees which are different in size, structure, smell and leaves.Why they are different? The answer to this lies in fact that they all contain different contents in their seeds. A big palm treeis also grown from its seeds therefore in similarity to this I want to say that what makes you different is the ideas,the thoughts and the beliefs in your mind.

In this short article I want to share my idea about three seeds of ‘success’..

These three seeds which you would require to be master at your work and lead in life are –‘PERSISTENCE, BIG AND POSITIVE THINKING,PRODUCTIVITY’

All you require is to be perfect at them and nurture them through your great deeds.Remember one thing-the foundation of excuses can never build the tower of success.
So let’s start learning about the ideas ,insights ,and how to nurture these seeds to make you ‘master of your work’.

  • Persistence-According to me, it’s is defined as ‘continuation of any task with monomaniacal focus which will bring out some positive or negative results’. If this seed nurtured well then you will surely get fruit of mastery in your hand. It needs focus.When you are doing something persistently without any distraction then its sure that you were focused at that work,it means you can nurture this seed by increasing focus.

Success belong to those who combine high level of persistence in their work withexperimentation, imagination& determination.

See all great leaders in history of humanity ,they were persistently trying to get mastered at their work.Observe them you will find that ‘Genius is not about genetics, it is more about persistently practice to improve work day by day’.

When Thomas A. Edison was asked ‘What’s the secret of your mastery?
He replied ‘most people get up they do many things,I wake up I do only One’

Read Thomas Edison quotes


  • Just take single thing you want to be mastered at ,it can be anything.
  • Do spend most of the time doing that thing.The more choices you will have the less willpower you will get to do them.
  • Remember-Success follow excellence and mastery.Be the Da vinci & Edison of your craft.See yourself as an artist of your field.

  • Big and Positive Thinking-It’s a ‘wow seed’.You can generate great inventions by nurturing this seed ‘persistently’.You can only be master at your work and in your life if you can think ‘you are the master of your fate’.People are just discouraged due to failures in their life but remember ‘Nothing fails like success’.Big thinking leads to big and wide ways of dealing with life rather than  crying over a failure and getting disappointed.Remember everybody was born genius,but influenced by mediocres.

Just do an experiment, go out and ask those people who are master at their work and successful in their life ‘In past did you think that you would get that much abundance in your life’. The answer for sure would be ‘yes’. You are the architect of your destiny.Remember that the things are created at two places only –‘first in mind , second in reality’.

‘’He who can’t think to get to the mountain top, does not find the way to get there’’.So be so good at what you do ,so that people can’t ignore you.

Insight– See the Beethoven,Helen keller,Henry Ford,Lincoln etc .They were the follower of positive thinking. They had the guts to face criticism,they had guts to follow their dreams,to live their values.You are simply what you think.

Again I repeat a fact about Edison that ‘He failed 10000 times in his discovery ‘but he reacted in positive way and said’I found 10000 ways that did not work’

Remember-If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.If you want to read countless failures and one great name,read-Abraham Lincoln.


  • Think ‘you can’ and you will.
  • Just take out some positive facts in every failure.
  • See ‘failure’ as process of getting you to be master of life. 
  • PRODUCTIVITYIt is simply described as ‘the art of getting thing done in less time and managing time efficiently’.Its necessary because today we live in age of dramatic distractions. We are surrounded by many distraction which can’t make us who want to be. The research says ‘Every day we get 2.1 hour distracted in some irrelevant things’. Wasting our time doing the things which are not be done.

Fact-As per the researches we get distracted every 11 minutes and it takes 25 minutes to gain our focus.It is the greatest foolish thing to be acted upon.

You can’t be the best at your work and your life if you can’t have the guts to be most productive person you know .

Just observe the great achievers from history, they were master at their ‘productivity’. They were master at managing time and using it as a gift to generate exceptional work.
When you nurture this seed with efforts you will ‘’get more in less time’’

 Follow them to be productive and get better at your work:

  • Do meditate 5-10 minutes daily it will keep you focused and will increase your productivity.
  • Work for 90 min and then take rest for 5 minutes to refresh your mind to keep you focus on your work .
  • Set goals,when completed self appreciate yourself.



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