Eisenhower decision matrix


Eisenhower was an American politician and Army general who served as the 34th President of the United States from 1953 until 1961.

Before talking about the main Eisenhower decision matrix , let’s talk about some real life scenarios:

  • Have you ever felt that you are accomplishing your task applying all your effors , but in last they don’t even maximize your productivity and you apply your time and efforts completing the task without prioritzing it ?
  • Has someone told you that ‘’Hey, you do a lot of hard work and stay busy with your task,someday just relax and spend time enjoying life ‘’ ?
  • Have you looked at yourself in the mirror or just observed yourseslf or your thoughts saying‘’I am not able to manage my life in smart way “ ?
  • Have you found yourself acting on wrong decision or task at wrong time and later regretting on it ?


If you answered ‘yes’ in any of three questions above then you must read this article carefully . In this article , I am going to share with you Eisenhower Decision Matrix .

In this matrix , Eisenhower distinguished our daily life tasks into two major categories.

  • Urgent – The tasks which require our immediate attention . These are the ‘To-do’ task that requires your immediate action , time and resources to accomplish them .

Suppose , if you are playing with your friends in a garden in evening time and suddenly your phone rings saying ‘’Mom needs to urgently go to hospital for her body checkup’’.

Then you must immediately go to home and take mother to hospital because it’s very urgent and you just need to hustle immediately .


  • Important – The task which contribute to our long term mission , goals , value and are very much rewarding to our own self.

Suppose , You are 23 years old with 78 kg body weight .So when you go in front of the mirror you don’t feel real joy , staisfaction and happiness by looking at yourself .

So now you have decided to go through a fitness program because your health is important and it will contribute to our long term mission , goals , value and isvery much rewarding to our own self.


 So Eisenhower designed a decision matrix distinguishing between urgent-important tasks in very well defined manner and defining some principles on how to prioritize tasks.

  • Quadrant 1 – Important and urgent

Eisenhower decision matrix action – Do it now

Important and urgent task can be following :

  • Urgent health problems.
  • Tax deadlines
  • Family member got sick .
  • Email for opportunities such as job interviews which requires immediate attention .
  • Urgent calls from clients , supervisors.


So if you have some important as well as urgent tasks at the same time , you just need to take an immediate action keeping the completion of that task on top priority.

  • Quadrant 2 – Not important but urgent task

Eisenhower decision matrix action – Delegate them.

Not Important and urgent task can be following :

  • Answer every email.
  • Book your meeting flights.
  • Pay your mobile , electricity bills at deadlines.
  • Co – worker who comes to your cabin asking for your favor.Eisenhower-decision-matrix-www.lifesuccessbook.com
    So if you have non important but urgent tasks at the same time , you must delegate it to another person to complete them for you. That’s why most people hire virtual assistant.
  • Quadrant 3 – Important but not urgent task

Eisenhower decision matrix action – Schedule their action plan.

Important but non urgent  task can be following:

  • Exercising for fitness – contribute to health
  • Reading good books – contribute to self development.
  • Planning for business – contribute to financial life.
  • Having a conversation with family – contribute to good relationships.Eisenhower-decision-matrix-www.lifesuccessbook.com
    So if you have important but non urgent tasks at the same time , you must schedule a specific time to accomplish them because they would contribute to your whole life in long run.
  • Quadrant 4 – Not Important as well as not urgent task

Eisenhower decision matrix action – Eliminate or do them later.

Non Important as well as non urgent  task can be following:

  • Useless texting with people.
  • Watching un-necessary TV shows.
  • Spending time on social networking sites.
  • Playing video games.
  • Mindlessly surfing the web.Eisenhower-decision-matrix-www.lifesuccessbook.com

So if you have non important as well as urgent tasks at the same time, you must do them later or eliminate them because they would not contribute you in any way instead they would take your precious time and you would regret after that .Time lost never comes back.


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