Best PC software for eyes


Best PC software for eyes


Best PC software for eyes
In today’s world , we all people spend most of the time working with technologies to bring ease and comfort .
We also use personal computers to do our daily work , professional work and much more beyond that .But as we spend more time with these technologies we forget taking care of body.
We hold on smartphones in our palm for long hours just to text someone , watch movies , play games , listen music and much more.

We forget asking about :
• How it can affect my health ? May be it may result in back pain in near future.
• How it can affect my eyes ? May be it may reduce your eyesight.
• How it affect my overall body posture?

Getting addicted to all these technological stuffs , we forget to care about most important organ of our body – eyes.
Even exposure to excessive light at night, including extended use of various electronic media, can disrupt sleep or exacerbate sleep disorders, especially in children and adolescent.
Feel the depth of this saying “Your eyes are the reason behind you see this beautiful , colourful world”.
So in this post , I am going to share with you best pc software for your eyes that makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

The name of this pc software for eyes is f.lux.f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.

Tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have, and where you live. Then forget about it. f.lux will do the rest, automatically.
It automatically sets and manages the visual setting of your desktop or laptop screen thus making it soothing for eyes so that you could easily work at your screen without actually harming your eyes .

Read more and download f.lux here –



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