7 beautiful sketches by an artist


7 beautiful sketches by an artist


In this article I am going to share with you all 7 beautiful sketches by an artist – Vivek Chauhan. I interviewed him personally and asked him a lot of questions about him and his artistic journey.

He said “My journey of sketching was started when I was in class 7 th and took part in drawing competition.where I won gold medal . From then I used to draw . But the time passed I stopped making the Sketches. My interest moved towards sports. Long  ago , one day I met a person who  presence was the same as that of art in my life . We were used to be friends in school days. Suddenly she came in my life back and remindsed me of the art inside me.
Then my real journey began with my devotion and my honesty towards art developed.
It’s been 2 year from than I have improved so much.
I never learnt how to draw in any institute or any college.I learned to draw by myself. I keep on observing things around me and the uniqueness of the patterns around me inspired me to draw .

There was a time a gave up on Sketching but I realized without this my life is like a empty white canvas. I used to draw in black and white colour only but the Sketch feels so colourful at the end like I just sketched it with the brush of rainbow.”

1.Medium is graphite.
Technique used is blending.
He said “By making this sketch only one thing comes in my mind. It is said that God makes beautiful things patiently I am inspired by this thought and giving more and more time to this sketch and I am happy by the results of my patience. And every time I open my Sketch book and see this sketch I appreciate myself” .


  1. Medium graphite
    He said “Here I focused more upon the shadows and for the first time I had made the clothing well. This sketch was done last year . And every time I make a sketch I improve little bit. I think that perfection is not a destination it is a journey.It was a surprise gift for my didi and she was surprised more than I even thought and these little motivation are fuels for Artists like me”.


  1. Lady in uniform

Medium graphite.Size A3
He said “I sketched this for my teacher who gifted this to her fiance. I didn’t even think I would get a call from my teacher’s fiance as she did  not  have much interest in art and had not seen any live sketches before that time and all of the sudden she saw her sketch and she got amazed by this.
In this sketch also I worked on the clothes. I used different background effect in this”.


  1. He said”It was the first sketch in which I made two faces in same Sketch. Medium graphite size A3.This sketch shows the bond between father and daughter. I have done this sketch in the starting of 2016 since then improved a lot. And I only learn one thing Improvement is a slow process the key to improvement is patience and regularity”.


  2. Medium graphite
    Size A4
    He said”I made this sketch for my friend. I gifted this on his birthday . I gifted this at the party.
    It is one of the most accurate sketch and I only have single photo of this Sketch”.

6.Medium -charchol
Size A4
He said”I visited the art exhibition  and I was impressed by the artwork done in the charcoal .I decided at the moment I will make a sketch in charcoal. And I did . I have no information about charcoal and how to use it. It was challenging for me. It usually takes me about 3-4 hours to complete a sketch but I invested 8 hrs in this. It was the surprise gift for my bestie.It is my favourite sketch forever in my artistic journey” .



7.He said “. This was the gift from a girl to his friend. The girl liked the Sketch so much she want me to make it again so that she can keep one copy and give one to her friend. ”


If you are a budding and blooming artist in any way .Feel free to reach us .We will feature your creative art in our art gallery .Let your art touch the depth  of heart of all readers.
We are happy for your success.



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